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Project Description
Design and manipulate complex 2D physics-based environments... in English!

SimpleSeer is an interpreted language written in C# and powered by XNA and Jeff Weber's FarSeer engine. It is intended for young students who have no experience with programming. It teaches basic principles of object-oriented programming.

I've started some external documentation to start people off. It's not in-depth or anything, but at least it gives you a list of what you can do. I'll continue to update it.

UPDATE: I've released a new version of SimpleSeer. I'm not sure if it's fixed the IO.FileNotFound exception, but at least it's fixed up a few other things. Please note that now, by default, gravity is turned off.

NOTE: Users have reported problems running the binary unless the XNA 2.0 SDK is installed (the XNA redistributable doesn't work). When I have time I'll look into this. If you know anything about this problem, please email me.







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