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Command Cheat Sheet

The general syntax for all "commands" (or verbs) is:

verb noun [(property value)||(value property)]*x

Case does not matter, there are multiple words that mean the same thing, and there are many "filler" words that are completely ignored by the interpreter, such as prepositions.

Create (Make)

  • Mandatory Syntax: Create shape
  • Shapes:
    • Border
    • Rectangle (Rec)
    • Circle (Cir)
    • Trampoline
    • Bridge
    • Group
  • Optional Properties:
    • Named name
    • Position (x,y)
    • Size (width,height) or Size magnitude
    • Colour colourName or Colour (r,g,b)
    • Frozen boolean
    • Mass magnitude
    • Friction magnitude
    • Rotation angle
  • Example: Create Rectangle Named rectOne at Position (5,5) of Size (2,1) of Colour Red with a Mass of 5.
  • Mandatory Syntax: Create joint Body shape Wheel shape
  • Joints:
    • Axle
    • Gear
  • Optional Properties:
    • Named name
  • Example: Create Axle Named axleOne with rectOne as the Body and circTwo as the Wheel.


  • Mandatory Syntax: Move name Direction direction Force force Starting time Ending time
  • Directions:
    • Up
    • Down
    • Left
    • Right
    • Up Left
    • Up Right
    • Down Left
    • Down Right
  • Forces:
    • Very Weak
    • Weak
    • Medium
    • Strong
    • Very Strong
  • Example: Move rectOne in the Up Direction with a Strong Force Starting at 1 second and Ending at 5 seconds.

Remove (Delete, Destroy, Del, Erase)

  • Mandatory Syntax: Remove name Starting time
  • Example: Remove rectOne Starting at 2 seconds.


  • Mandatory Syntax: Add name Group groupname
  • Example: Add rectOne to car Group.

Camera (Focus, Follow)

  • Mandatory Syntax: Camera name Starting time Ending time
  • Example: Camera on rectOne Starting at 3 second and Ending at 12 seconds.


  • Mandatory Syntax: Change setting property value property value etc.
  • Gravity:
    • Mandatory Syntax: Change Gravity Direction direction Force force Starting time
    • Example: Change the Gravity to Direction down with Force very weak Starting at 0 seconds.

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